Andrea Crowe Passes

Andreas many achievements at such a young age are reason enough for us to call her an inspirational role model. Her hardships with illness though-out her life have made these achievements even more remarkable. Just imagine what she would have done with a little more time and a body that could keep up with her undaunted spirit.

It was her personality which drew so many friends to Andrea, and each of us will have special memories of her laughter, humor and that smile. That smile that was there no matter what.Her strength to persevere and maintain a positive attitude throughout her many stages of illness is unparalleled.

Her passion for friends, family and of course Holsteins, was evident in how she cherished any moments she could be part of that world.I learned so much from Andrea. I learned to be thankful for the many blessings in my life, which are too numerous to list but were often taken for granted. I will also continue relying on her example as I deal with MS symptoms to make the most of each day and to always keep looking forward to the future.

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