Roofing Materials to Suit Your Style


It’s time for a home makeover and you’re probably thinking of having your roof replaced. First, you need to contact reputable and competent roofers to do the job for you. These experts can give you tips on what will work best for your home structure as well as your budget.

There are various types of roofing materials that are muddled with both pros and cons. You can ask and consult your roofers so they can give you the lowdown on the most appropriate material for your home. The inputs of your local roofers is valuable to the outcome of your home makeover project.

You can actually use the same roofing materials you are currently using now. Check for materials that are low maintenance, built to last, and eco-friendly. When considering your choices, always determine the life-cycle of your roofing material. For example, an asphalt material can last up to 20 years while a metal composition can last over 50 years.

When calculating your cost, you also need to factor in the value of your home so you can categorize if a roofing material is too costly for your home. Seek help from your roofers and ask for their professional opinion on such matters.

Roofing Materials

Here are some roofing materials to help you in your decision.

  • Asphalt Shingles – Is ideal for any style of house whether it is contemporary, traditional, or historic. It is inexpensive and suitable for most home applications. Asphalt Shingles are easy to repair yet durable at the same time.

You can choose from many colors that you feel will complement your home exterior.  This material is fire resistant to keep your family safe.

  • Metal Shingles – This includes aluminum, tin, copper, and steel materials. This ideal for bungalows, cottages, ranches, and any other types of house. It is lightweight, durable, and low maintenance.

Metal shingles usually have a long life span which can last up to 50 years if properly maintained. The good thing is it can be installed over your existing roof. This environmentally friendly material can withstand heavy rain, hail, and strong wind. It is available in a variety of looks such as cedar, slate, and other forms.

  • Wood Shingles – This is a natural looking material that blends with the environment. Same as metal, wood is ideal for any kind of house. Wood shingles are easy to fix and provides proper insulation. It can last somewhere between 30 to 50 years.
  • Tiles – This material is perfect for European, Mediterranean, and contemporary homes. Tiles are non-combustible, durable, and easy to maintain. It is attractive and available in many colors and style. Another plus is it’s fireproof.
  • Slate – It is ideal for Italian and French style homes. The material is beautiful and unique. It is easy to maintain, fireproof and has a long life span.
  • Concrete – This can be used in any kind of home as there are many colors and styles to choose from including stone and tiles. It is relatively lightweight, durable and easy to maintain. The material is fire and insect resistant.

There are many other types of roofing materials aside from the mentioned above. Study and review each material so you can pick the right choice.