It is true, we are about to lose some of our better weather season to colder and rainy days, but that will not be for a while. Putting off putting on a new roof or making the needed repairs to remedy the situation is a decision only you can make. We want you to know we have been in that type of situation and we want to help you make the decisions so that there are no surprises. So, you can take bad weather away from the list of reasons why your roof will not be done before snow flies.

Commercial roofing needs go hand in hand with those of residential roofing. Business owners are sometimes customers we have acquired through a previous residential roofing contract. These business owners are in our current network and also know our capability.

We understand the different needs of a residential roof vs. those of a commercial roofing application. Typically, since a commercial roof is flat, or only slightly angled other roofing materials can be used. Our qualified sales representatives can provide all of the required information to help you make an educated decision. In addition to the standard commercial roofing types we also are experts in the installation of EPDM roofs.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer, or a lot more simply put, EPDM. This is a rubberized roofing material known for its durability and effectiveness. While there are thicknesses ranging from 4mil and standard 6mil, we prefer the 6mil modified due to it’s increased lifetime and performance. This is not a new material for commercial roofing. EPDM continues to gain popularity as costs decrease and insurance companies recognize it as a more economic and environmental choice for commercial roofing. Benefits of commercial applications of EPDM roofing are:

more environmentally friendly (less waste and land-fill material)
cash savings (roofs last longer and require less maintenance)
Commercial Roofing

In summary, we look forward to working with you and your business. We are confident after you meet with one of professional team members, there will be no reason to continue your search. Please add your information into the contact form, (the page slides up from the bottom) and submit it to us.